WWW= Wow What in the World?

More and more the WWW (World Wide Web) plays a factor in the products customers are looking for. With online retail it also expands the products that folks have access to. We are all for information, although you need to know that not all you read maybe true.

When folks are doing searches they often do not realize that the way they form questions allows for the WWW to give them the answer THEY are looking for and not always the answer with the correct information. For over 40 years we have been here to get you the best information about Paint, Stain & Related products. Often folks are coming in asking for certain products that do not actually satisfy the needs they say they are looking for or even the correct application. Now many times our hardest job is to walk someone (be it a DIY’er or Professional) on how to fix a problem.

So before YOUR next project call or stop in and we will work to get you the best products for your needs.

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