Whats Happening


2022 & moving forward

As we get rolling into 2022 we want to Thank Everyone again for the support in the changes happening at Burnells Decor. For the time being all paint orders will need to happen by phone (715-234-4505) or email ( burnellsdecor@gmail.com ) The NEW location of 1124 Hammond Ave is not ready for walk in customers but we are able to fill orders for customers & contractors thru Curbside pick up options until the store is open.
Thank You


WWW= Wow What in the World?

More and more the WWW (World Wide Web) plays a factor in the products customers are looking for. With online retail it also expands the products that folks have access to. We are all for information, although you need to know that not all you read maybe true.

When folks are doing searches they often do not realize that the way they form questions allows for the WWW to give them the answer THEY are looking for and not always the answer with the correct information. For over 40 years we have been here to get you the best information about Paint, Stain & Related products. Often folks are coming in asking for certain products that do not actually satisfy the needs they say they are looking for or even the correct application. Now many times our hardest job is to walk someone (be it a DIY’er or Professional) on how to fix a problem.

So before YOUR next project call or stop in and we will work to get you the best products for your needs.


Get Your Project done right the first time!

Far to often we are folks “Second” stop. The “First” stop is to a Big Box or Corporate owned paint retailer. The ‘First” stop results in getting them a product to apply, and oh that “Discounted” price just seems so right. Then the problems begin.

Often when folks visit us it is because they now have a problem and they need knowledge & experience to fix it.  With our staff having more years in the paint industry than most of our competitors employees have in years working (not just in the industry) make us your “First” stop and save precious time!

Time = Money

You can decide when to save it!




COVID -19 Effects on Business

As of May 14th 2020

Burnell’s Décor is still OPEN and working toward returning to a normal OPEN DOOR state.

Until May 22nd we will be in working to provide service to our customers as follows:

Please Call and leave a message or email us at


with questions and/or orders for Curbside Pick Up.

Beginning May 22nd we would be available to limited Walk In Service with the following hours:

May 23nd & May 30th  10am-Noon           May 26-29th 9am – 4pm

June 1st and Beyond

M-F 9am – 5pm        Sat 10am -1pm

Also by appointment

We greatly apologize for any inconvenience.  We are working to still service our customers and at the same time keep their health & safety in mind.


Spring & Summer Project with COVID

Greetings to all of our Amazing Customers! Yes we are still here and working away. WIth the current COVID 19 situation we are OPEN but only by appointment & Curbside Pickup.

That being said Please call or email orders prior to driving to the shop. With many of our suppliers having to change up some of their supply chains not every product is currently in-stock and there may be a small wait. We are daily seting out color samples for folks, doing stain matches & more


Thank you for your understanding & also for your support!